What is NETPROG?

NetProg is intended to all people wanting to program applications through the network and which must be carried out on various operating systems. They ask a knowledge of the C language.

Which type of applications ?

The field of application is very large, from a simple application of file transfers between two machines to applications needing a complex protocol of data exchange in synchronous or asynchronous mode.


This product is single because it makes it possible to cover all types and needs for communications : synchronous or asynchronous based on a homogeneous architecture of événementiel type.

Strong Points

Profit of 80 % of time and means in developments of communicating applications multi-platforms on TCP/IP. 
API multi-platforms: UNIX, Windows, IBM,...
Transcoding of  characters. 
Newspaper of  transfers allowing to index the transfers carried out with mechanisms of recovery. 
Interpreted language allowing instantaneous programming of orders distributed on the various machines. 
Connections to data bases.
Synchronous or asynchronous communication. 
Programming of low level: definition of new protocols.


The programmer is freed from the heavy tasks related to the development of client-server applications programming on TCP/IP, portability, synchronizations, transcoding, …

It is particularly useful for programming  of  applications type Web servers which can handle a large number or connections.