C Examples
MXAddConnectCallBack C NetProg Library

#include "mx.h"
int MXAddConnectCallBack (MX* pmx, char* connectionclassname, BYTE mode, int (*funct)(MXCom* pcom, void* applicationfield), void* applicationfield)

Parameters Description
pmx  the MX manager
connectionclassname  the connection class name
mode  the mode that triggers the callback 
funct  the function to call when a connection is closed or opened
applicationfield  Programmer-specified data sent to the callback function

Description : 

This function adds a callback to a connection class comclass. The callback is triggered when a connection instance belonging to connectionclassname is opened or closed. If an error occurs on a connection belonging to the connection class connectionclassname the connection is automatically closed by MX manager and the callback of the ONCLOSED mode is called

The mode parmeter can be : MXONCONNECT, MXONCLOSE

applicationfield specifies the argument that is to be passed to the specified procedure when it is invoked

Return Values : if error -1 else returns a value > 0 

See Also : MXRemoveConnectCallBack, MXAddGeneralConnectCallBackMXRemoveGeneralConnectCallBack, MXAddEndingProcedure, MXRemoveEndingProcedure, 

Example :